12-100Inch double press head pulse heat press COF/TAB/ACF Bonding machine

12-100Inch double press head pulse heat press COF/TAB/ACF Bonding machineOL-12100-DH Specification----- Double Head Manual platform 1)    Equipment Model Number:OL-12100-DH &n

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12-100Inch double press head pulse heat press COF/TAB/ACF Bonding machine for TV repair,Television repair,Panel repair,screen repair

LCD bonding machine|LCD repair machine|TV Repair machine|Mobile Phone Repair machine

OL-12100-DH Specification----- Double Head Manual platform COF/TAB/ACF Bonding machine for TV repair,Television repair,Panel repair,screen repair

1)    Equipment Model Number:OL-12100-DH   (Double Head) 

2) Device Description :Repair screen machine / Bonding machine 

3) Device Uses :FPC COFTAB LCD Panel and PCB combination bonding

4) Applicable LCD panel specifications :12"-100"

5) Applicable LCD panel thickness :0.3MM-1.1MM[Single glass] 

6) Bonding IC number :Multiple / Panel   Can be set 

7) Bind  direction :X or Y Unidirection

8) Bonding IC size :Replaceable blade according to IC specifications (The original machine is equipped 45X1.5X10)

9) Device processing time :TFT3.8S/chip

10) Production Beats :TAB100 pcs/H

11) Bonding Accuracy :Within ± 1.5μm  (support 4K screen) 

12) Highest positioning accuracy setting :±0.5μm (Currently domestic the highest index)

13) Equipment requirements the work environment :Clean, No dust, Clean room

14) Supply Pressure :0.5~0.7Mpa  (Dry air source)

15) Power Supply :AC 220V±10%50HZ3500W

16) Cylinder Device :Japan SMC original thin cylinder  MXS20-75/MXS20-100 

17) Heating Type :Pulse (rapid heating / cooling and auxiliary cooling function)

18) PID Temperature Control System :Brand: YUDIAN  (516 model)

Adjustable heating curve  Precision PID self-tuning type

The peak temperature : within +/- 3 degrees Celsius 

Room temperature time to 180 degrees the response time within 2-3 seconds 

19) Hot pressing head :

Materials: Japan Titanium

origin: United States  

Plane precision (hot press side) :0.001mm

Plane thickness 0.5  (Reserved 3 times grinding)

20) Thermocouple Type :K type   Original US OMEGA wire

21) Industrial control units / Programmer :Import Panasonic PLC FXC40T

22) Image unit :

Panasonic image processing system

COF counterpoint: down counterpoint

PCB counterpoint : None (Can be installed )

Number of lenses : 2

Microscopy: 30-120 Continuous zoom

COF Display: 19-inch HD

PCB counterpoint the display : None (Can be installed )

Upper light source : have

Down light source : have


23COF trimming unit :

Origin: Taiwan

Rail Type: U-rail (2056 high)

Accuracy : 0.01

Adjustable direction :X/Y/R

R Itinerary : Coarse 360 degrees, fine tuning +/- 5 degrees

24COF Fixture : COF mechanical clamping type, Z tilt radius  micrometer trimming 

25) Lens spinner unit :

Control mode: X / Y / Z micrometer control

Focus Adjustment: Manually adjust the focus


26) Position detection : None

27) Silicone / Teflon :Manual switching position

28) LCD stage (platform) :Manual sliding or fixed optional ,automatic stage can be customized

29) Alarm device :Pressure abnormal/ temperature anomalies / thermocouple abnormal / action abnormal

30) Hot press head counterpoint :Cylinder stop can be set at any position in the vertical direction

31) Control mode :Touch screen + button operation   Using Taiwan's Wei Lun touch screen dual-core 

32) Parameter setting :According to the need to set up Store multiple sets of hot pressing parameters

33) Rated voltage :180-220  (customizable 110V)

34) Peak power :400-1100W  (Supports 68X1.5X10 lengthened tool bit 

35) Maximum power :1100W

36) Actual power :580W 

37) Body size :1800X1200x1520mm(L*W*H) 

38) Machine weight :300KG


Remark: OL-12100-DH , is our company in the R&D process , according to maintenance staff tailored high-end products , machine not only in the accuracy of the temperature and the mechanical accuracy do the precision design , the procedures also increases the glass and circuit board parameters direct selected function , working pressure automatically switch , greatly facilitate the technical staff selected the parameters , increased the tool bit preheating function , to ensure that the machine at any temperature difference can ensure heating rate and temperature accuracy , double head design , glass and circuit board independent bonding reached factory-class level , high bonding excellent ratelow repair rate , this machine is the maintenance and after-sales staff preferred the classic model.

Up to 100inch COF/TAB/ACF Bonding machine for TV repair,Television repair,Panel repair,screen repair.

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