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Company Introduction

 LCD bonding machine|LCD repair machine|TV Repair machine|Mobile Phone Repair machine

Shenzhen Olian Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd (Olian) is a high-tech enterprise established in 2008, specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of LCD module automatic equipment.

Olian insist on the product concept of " High quality, High efficiency", have successfully developed standard and custom products:


Main products: TV Repair machine|LCD bonding machine|LCM produce machine|LCD repair machine|Cellphone repairing machine

1. LCD module machine:

Large, medium and small size COG machine, Semi-automatic COG machine, Automatic COG machine, ACF attach machine, COG press bonding machine, TAB, FOG hot press bonding machine, SMT machine, Tear film machine, detection device, PLASMA, LCD clearing machine;

Auxiliary equipment: IC disassembling machine, ACF split machine, Molybdenum wire machine, Heating platform, Manual or pneumatic test stand, etc;


2.Capacitive screen Touch screen device:

G + F laminating machine, G + G vacuum laminating machine, Touch screen ACF attach machine, Touch screen FOG, Hot press machine, PETOCA laminating machine, F + F, Automatic laminating machine, TP protective film laminating machine;


3.Large size LCD Equipment:13-55 inch ACF attach machine, COF press machine, PCB press machine, COF Pre-press machine, OLB Bonding machine;


4. Non-standard program design and development;


5. Accessories and maintenance of the LCD module and TP equipment: Quartz, Test stand, All kinds of indenter( SU440C indenter, Tungsten steel indenter, Titanium alloy indenter) production and maintenance, grinding or design.


Olian welcome customers to visit our company for technical exchange and business negotiation. Olian will do the best to provide you with high quality equipment and satisfactory service. Olian determined to become the leading brands of the industry.

Olian Welcome agents and reseller around the world,

Welcome OEM&ODM for you.


 LCD bonding machine|LCD repair machine|TV Repair machine|Mobile Phone Repair machine

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Professional in LCD/LED/OLED panels repairing/produce machines and all the parts,accessories..