What is the assembly?

2018-06-08 17:45:15 36

What is the assembly

1,The common explanation:

Assembly is mainly refers to the product set, mobile phone assembly generally includes: a touch screen (Cover + OCA + ITO) + LCD display (FPC + Driver IC + + backlight driver board). Resistive screen, touch screen, capacitive screen, Lens compound and LCD with Lens bonding, LCD, LCM, OCA fit, soft soft laminating, ITO film, PMMA, PC, PET, glass, electronic paper, projection screen assembly, display assembly, the lens assembly, resistive touch screen G+ F + F, F + F, capacitive touch screen, panel, ICON and other related electronics.


2, Professional explanation:

Assembly which is a meaning of collection. A series of parts or products, the overall composition of an implementation of a specific function, is the general term for assembly of the system .

Professional in LCD/LED/OLED panels repairing/produce machines and all the parts,accessories..