What is ACF ?

2018-06-08 17:43:49 48

What is ACF 

1, The common explanation:

ACF is anisotropic conductive film, a kind of  material  in the bonding process to be used in capacitive screen, resistive screen, touch screen, LCD screen, tablet PC, mobile phone screens, etc.Means a resin film containing a heat-conductive particles of a thermoplastic or cured. Mainly for LCD panel signal transmission link with the driver IC, the need to bonding different interface to choose suitable conductive particles and density, generally used for fine pitch of the conductive particles having a diameter of about 3 ~ 5 um.


2, Professional explanation:

 The English abbreviation of ACF is Anisotropic Conductive Film, ACF is the electrical conduction in the Z-axis direction and the XY insulation resistance characteristic plane has obvious differences. When the difference between Z-axis and the XY plane on-resistance value of the insulation resistance exceeds a predetermined ratio, also can be called well anisotropic conductivity.

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