What is the ACF equipment?

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What is the ACF equipment

1, The popular explanation:

ACF device is also called "ACF attached machine", "ACF preloading machine", "ACF state machine", USE heat pipe heating mode, half cylinder to push the blade to cut off the ACF protection from type membrane, cylinder from viscose mold plastic, according to the ACF and different models to choose corresponding attached  time, output value, corresponding to the pressure head cylinder according to the attached with a length of stepper motor feed, the ACF stickers on LCD (LCD), touch screen glass (TP), a FILM on the SENSOR.FOG is mainly used in LCD module, touch screen, COG in the process of production and maintenance of FPC, COF package, TAB, IC and LCD and PCB combination states.ACF attached machine is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic, semi-automatic which requires human to cooperate to complete, fully automated equipment to complete the process by itself.ACF attached machine has single period and several attached  machine .ACF attached  machine is suitable for the card of various width of ACF in TP, or PCB, LCD, used in the TAB, COG LCD module production or high density FPC connection with the PCB.

2, Professional explanation:

ACF is Anisotropic Conductive Film, the guide Film), ACF bonding technology is to use the ACF, directional Conductive Film), IC, or integrated circuit by preloading depended on the LCD glass substrate. If you want to make the IC, or integrated circuit between the glass and well connected with the line, you need to through the integrated circuit and tiny MARK point on the glass substrate, very accurate positioning. The current way of positioning are mainly by installing on the device's camera and monitor, the human eye to find a place to MARK, and manually adjust the slider position, complete orientation.


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